Talking about money is awkward and talking about money with a complete stranger is even more awkward, but this conversation is inevitable during the interview process. Salary negotiations are tough, but this is not the time to be meek. We should all be earning what we’re worth and today I’m going to share 3 tips on how to answer “what’s your desired salary?”


Use websites such as and to get an idea of what others in your field with your level of experience are making.

Try saying this: “Based on the current market rate coupled with my experience, I’d like to discuss a range of [insert range].”


Ideally, you’re leaving one job to make more at another, but if it’s in the same field using what you’re currently making is a great start.

Try saying this: “I’m flexible in my salary requirements, but my current salary is between [insert range]. I would like to at minimum stay w/in this range.” Pro Tip: Never state the exact amount you’re currently making if you don’t have to.


If you’re able to get a range first you can base your answer off of that so you don’t give a salary that’s way too high or way too low.

Try saying this: “My salary would depend on other factors we haven’t discussed such as benefits and retirement options. What range are you looking to bring someone in with?”

What are some tricks you use when discussing salary? Let me know below in the comments.

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