Money Diaries #1

Refinery29’s Money Diaries is one of my favorite series on the Internet. I’m always so fascinated when I read about how and why people spend their money. I enjoy the series so much that I thought I’d start my own. This was the first time that I’ve consistently tracked my spending and it was quite the eye-opener. Here’s how I spent my money over the past 7 days.

Day 1

a.m. – Today I have an appointment to get my hair done. I’m excited because this is the first time that I’ve done anything for myself since having a baby. It’s going to cost more than I’m comfortable spending while trying to pay off debt. However, I’m still a little uncomfortable in my postpartum body and I think getting my hair done will help me feel like the old me. Plus, we are having a Sip and See later this week and it will be the first time I’ve seen some of my friends in months, so I’d like to look nice. Seven hours and $300 later my hair is done. I’m pissed it took so long, but my hair looks better than ever and it was just the confidence booster I needed.

p.m. – I’ve been at the hair salon all day and now I’m hungry AF. I still need a catering spot for the Sip and See so I decide to try out a wing restaurant my cousin has been raving about. Since I’m killing two birds with one stone, I feel better about having wasted the day in the salon. The food was amazing, my $10 was well spent.

Total Day 1 total: $310

Day 2

a.m. – Since college, I’ve had the same grocery shopping routine. I always shop with a list and I usually time myself. It’s something about the efficiency of my routine that makes me feel like I have my shit together even when I don’t. My grocery list is pretty blah for the most part. I did purchase a Nose Frida which allows me to suck the snot out of my baby’s nose. I know it sounds gross. However, some of my favorite mom bloggers have been raving about it so I’m excited to try it out. One hour and $134 later all of our groceries and household items for the week have been purchased.

p.m. – I made a crucial mistake and didn’t eat before leaving home. I was hoping to not spend any money from my “Fun” envelope this week, but I can’t wait until I’m home to eat. So I spend $3 at Wendy’s on a small nugget and fry. Extra bbq sauce, please!

Day 2 Total: $137

Day 3

a.m. – I’ve been eyeing a dining room bench on the Ashley Furniture website for a week and I’m finally ready to make the purchase. It’s just what we need to tie the room together and provide extra seating for our guests. I do one more search and see the same bench being sold on Amazon by Ashley Furniture for $30 cheaper and with Prime, I’ll get free shipping. I pull the trigger and spend $146 on the bench.

Day 3 Total: $146 

Day 4

p.m. – Nine months of morning sickness really did a number on my teeth. They are in constant pain and the enamel on one tooth is so weakened that I chipped it the night before. My emergency trip to the dentist for a filling and cleaning cost me $67.

Day 4 Total: $67

Day 5

p.m. – Today has been insanely busy at work and at home. Did I remember to eat and drink today? Who knows. I’m too busy and too tired to do any spending. It’s my first no spend day of the week.

Day 5 Total: $0

Day 6

p.m. – I’ve officially been sitting at my desk for 5 hours and while it feels great to be so productive, I’m going stir crazy. Not to mention the baby kept me up last night and I’m sleepy. I can’t have caffeine so I need some snacks to keep me awake. I leave the office and walk to the Publix near my job where I purchase a bag of chips and a Smart Water. 

Day 6 Total: $7

Day 7

p.m. – It’s the day before the Sip and See and as with most of our parties, I feel like there’s a million things I need to do to prepare. Our new bench arrived and I think it needs a few pillows to tie it in with the rest of the room. I also need picture frames, so I head to Marshall’s. I’m in and out in less than 20 minutes with 3 pillows and 2 picture frames for a total of  $50. Next, I stop by Wendy’s for more nuggets and a small fry I’ll regret that later.

Day 7 total: $53

All totals have been rounded to the nearest dollar. Diary does not include any bills or recurring expenses.


  1. 9.24.19
    Alexis said:

    Heyyy!! I am in full interest with your blog on money! I am in debt as well student loans with no degree yet. I am married with 3 kids. I was blessed with a six figure job. I am looking forward to saving, paying debt off and investing.

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