Money Diary #2

Refinery29’s Money Diaries is one of my favorite series on the Internet. I’m always so fascinated when I read about how and why people spend their money. I enjoy the series so much that I thought I’d start my own. This will pick up right where I left off on Money Diary #1. Here’s how I spent my money over the past 7 days.

Day 1

a.m. – It’s the day of the Sip and See and as always, there are a million things to do and not enough hours to get them all done. I head to Walmart for last-minute party supplies like napkins, cups, and ingredients for the side dishes I’ll be making. I’m a little surprised when the total comes to $90, but overall I’ll be under budget for this party so no big deal. Thanks to self-checkout, I’m in and out in about 20 minutes and off to my next destination.

p.m. – My next stop is the wing restaurant I tested last week. They have a honey-lemon pepper-ranch wing sauce that’s amazing. I order 200 wings for a total of $104. How is this place so inexpensive?! Next, I head to Kroger to pick up flowers and a cake for a total of $32. Time to hurry home and get ready for the party.

Day 1 Total: $226

Day 2

a.m – The party was a success! I’m so happy everyone got to meet baby, but now it’s back to our regular schedule which means grocery shopping for me. We still have lots of food leftover from the party, so today’s grocery list will be light. I spend $25 at Aldi on fresh fruit and snacks for work. Then it’s back to Walmart where I spend $114. I’m annoyed my total for Walmart is high because I only purchased 11 items. I blame my husband’s headlamp that he needed for work. That’s an item I never thought I’d purchase. I hear my friends have been using walmart promo codes to get money off their groceries – maybe I should start doing that! Between both grocery stores, I spend $139 (now I know it could’ve been less with a promo code this has really bummed me out).

p.m. – During the Sip and See, the bench I was so excited about in Money Diary #1, cracked and split. I’m bummed and annoyed that I have to pack up and return that massive thing, but at least I’ll have $146 returning to me.

Day 2 Total – $139

Day 3

a.m. – I’m still so exhausted from the party that I oversleep for work. I rushed out of the house without my wallet so today will be a no-spend day for me.

Day 3 Total: $0

Day 4

a.m. – Between the baby waking during the night and me staying up late to get extra work done, I’m beyond exhausted. So exhausted that I’ve slept through all 5 of my alarms (again). As I’m backing out of the driveway, I do one final check to make sure I have everything. Baby? Check. Lunch? Check. Laptop? Check. Wallet? Wallet? Wallet? Fuck! It’s still sitting on the kitchen counter. It’s another no spend day for me.

Day 4 Total: $0

Day 5

p.m. – Work is incredibly busy. I take advantage of a canceled meeting and take a walk to the Target near my office. I pick up a Smart Water and hurry back before my next meeting. I spend $3 on the water.

Day 5 Total: $3

Day 6

a.m. – I overdid it on cheese the night before and now my stomach is in pain. I’ve been lactose intolerant pretty much my entire life and yet I still can’t say no to cheese and ice cream. I’m curled up in the fetus position so there’s no way I’m going to work. Today will be a work from home day for me. I’m glued to my chair until it’s time to pick up my daughter so today ends as a no-spend day.

Day 6 Total: $0

Day 7

a.m. – After I picked up my daughter last night, I came home to work some more. Have I mentioned that I’m exhausted? I sluggishly get dressed for work and pack my breakfast and lunch which I forget on the kitchen counter. Tired and annoyed that I keep forgetting things, I stop in the quick-service restaurant at my job. I see that they’ve stocked my favorite Vodoo flavored chips so I cancel my oatmeal order and decide to eat chips for breakfast. Fuck it. I’ve earned these chips.

p.m. – Work is so hectic that I don’t realize I’ve only eaten a bag of chips until it’s time to go home. I’m too tired to care so I’ll eat whatever we have at home and call it a day. Cheers to the freaking weekend.

Day 7 Total: $1

All totals have been rounded to the nearest dollar. Diary does not include any bills or recurring expenses.